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Amos Greenlaw's Marriages:
Research is continuing into the possibility that Amos Greenlaw may have married three times.   He may have married Gertrude Giles and  they may have had a child, Charlotte.  Charlotte Greenlaw, a six year old, is listed in the 1870 Federal Census and living with the newly wed couple, Amos and Wilhelmina in Pierce County, Washington Territory.  If you have any information concerning Gertrude Giles or Charlotte Greenlaw, born the Washington Territory, please contact us.

Amos Greenlaw and Alice Greigg were married on July 20, 1868, Pierce County, Washington Territory at the home of her father, William Greigg.  Amos' long time friend and business associate, D. A. Rice, acted as a witness.  If you have any information concerning Alice Greigg, please contact us.

Amos and Wilhelmina married on March 16, 1870 and is well documented.
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