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Mountain View  Funeral Home and Memorial Park

4100 Steilacoom Boulevard, S.W.,

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[Please note: all head stones are flat and in the ground] 

Chris Turner b. 19 February 1871 d. 18 September 1963 located next to:

Nettie (Greenlaw) Turner b.  2 February 1877 d. 19 December 1945

{Graves are located not far from the main entrance of the Garden Chapel on the left hand side, under tall fir trees.  See main office for section and map.}


Thomas Turner b. 1859 d.1943

*Thomas Turner was an older brother to Chris Turner which both came from England to Tacoma.

{Grave location unknown to author, please check with main office of cemetery.}


Violet (Potter) Turner b. 1873 d. 1951

*Violet was the wife to Thomas Turner and the sister to Kate (Potter) Gifford Revette.

{Grave location unknown to author. Likely, located next to the grave of Thomas Turner. Please check with main office of cemetery.}


Alice Isbell (Turner) Prettymen b. 2 August 1912 d. 13 February 1997 located next to:

Merle E. Prettymen b. 4 August 1910  d. 6 February 1986

*Alice was a daughter to Chris and Nettie Turner.

{Graves are located in the lower, “Valley” portion of the cemetery.  Exact location of graves unknown to author. Please check with main cemetery office for location.}


Fredrick Gifford b. 22 August 1878 d.

*Frederick was the first husband to Kate Potter and the father to Harry B. Gifford and Amy G. (Gifford) Turner. Frederick came to the Tacoma area from Preston, England.

{Grave site is located toward the back of the older section of the cemetery.  Exact location, unknown with author. Please check with main office of cemetery for location.}


Harry Gifford b. 28 September 1899  d. 12 May 1986 located next to:

Irma Gifford b.                       d. 1984

*Harry Gifford was the son to Frederick Gifford & Kate (Potter) Gifford. Full brother to Amy G. (Gifford) Turner, and half brother to James Gordon Revette.

{Location of grave site is unknown to author. Please check with main office of cemetery.}


James Gordon Revette – b. 15 February 1911 d. 1 June 1992

*James Gordon Revette was the son to Kate (Potter) Gifford and second husband Douglas James Revett.

Half brother to Amy G (Gifford) Turner and Harry Gifford.  Gordon married Julia Greenlaw the daughter to Cyrus and Blanche Greenlaw. [Julia Revette is currently living and resides in Tacoma at the time of this writing.}

{Location of grave site is unknown to author. Please check with main office of cemetery.}


List compiled by Stanley Robert Lee, second son to William A. Lee Sr. and wife Betty Jean (Turner) Lee. Grandson to Byron C. & Amy G. (Gifford) Turner.  Great Grandson to Christopher & Nettie (Greenlaw) Turner. Great, Great, Grandson to Capt. Amos Greenlaw & Wilhelmina ‘Willa’ Mary (Meyer) Greenlaw. And, Great, Great, Great Grandson to Frederick Meyer and Frances Louisa Relyea.

 List Compiled April 24, 2004. Mt. View Funeral Home and Cemetery, Lakewood, Washington


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