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  Fran Bennett's Homepage

      The following material is taken directly from Fran Bennett's Homepage, A One - Name Study Site,  "Geographical Incidence of the Greenlaw Surname".

      According to Fran Bennett, " the earliest record of the Greenlaw surname is in Scotland. A William de Grenlawa is recorded in a Kelso Charter in 1180."

     "By the 17th century, the name appears in many locations of Scotland, including Aberdeen, Banff, Berwickshire, East Lothian, Fife, Kircudbright, Lanark, Midlothian, Renfrewshire, Roxburgh, Stirling, and West Lothian. By the mid-18th century, the name also appears in Dumfries, Peebles, and Perth in Scotland, and in England, Northern Ireland, in Canada, and in Maine, Massachusetts, Virginia, and Pennsylvania in America."

     "The first emigrants to America appear to be William Greenlaw and his wife, Jane, who were aboard the Dolphin on her voyage from Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland to Maine in the summer of 1753. Some members of that family later migrated to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia in the late 18th century. Individuals with the surname include gardeners, masons, farmers, carpenters, coopers, shipbuilders, seamen, and statesmen."

     "The literal translation of the surname is "grassy hill," and variations include Grenlaw, Grinlav and Grinlaw."
    As of July 1999, Fran Bennett's webpage doesn't have any members of the Isaac Case Greenlaw family listed.  It appears that Fran Bennett may have died during the summer of 1998, therefore the future of her website is unclear.
   Clan Home/Hume Society
Additional information concerning the Greenlaw relationships to the Scottish Clans can be found in "Clan Home/Hume Society" webpage.  The following was taken directly from their webpage.

      "All family connections from Berwickshire, Tweedside and Roxburgh are recognized as "Hume" by the Scottish Highlands Society of Perth, Scotland and Highlands, North Carolina....

       Our venue has the largest library and collection of Home records and artifacts in America. While we do not charge to review these records, only clan society members have access to them. We also have access to all records of The Scottish Highlands Society of Perth, Scotland since its origin in 1850 ( Lord Home, 14th Earl of Home, Prime Minister of Great Britain and Past Honourary President of the society, had his beginnings in Perthshire as an MP).

       These records include birth, marriage, many family Home crests, family histories, all Home tartans , Home battles and Home heraldry dating back to the 17th century from Berwickshire , Tweedside, Roxburghshire, in Scotland including some descendants. While we cannot do individual genealogical history, we may provide some historical data which may prove helpful in identifying your Home ancestors.

       We recognize as septs: Home, Hume, Holmes, Ayton, Bunkle, Douglas, Dunbar, Grady, Greenlaw, Haddock, Haliburton, Landale, Mack, Nesbitt, Palmer, Paxton, Rutherford, and Wedderburn.

       Other variant spellings recognized are Holm, Hum, Holme, Hoome, Hulme, Hyulm, De Heem, De Hom, Hoom, Hyn, Hwyne, Hom, Heaume, De Home, De Holmes, D Hulm, De Hume, Howme, Hoyme, Ghume, Ghome, Hwime, Houmn and other spellings and families as authorized by The Scottish Highlands Society of Perth, Scotland and Highlands, North Carolina."
  Home/Hume Clan Website  -  St.  Louis
This webpage by James Roy Hume has much to offer, including Hume family history and pictures of Hume castles and landscapes in Borders, Scotland. 
   The Great Historic Families of Scotland
Even more history of the Home/Hume Clan and Greenlaws can be found in "The Great Historic Families of Scotland", by John Taylor.
   Greenlaw  Town
GREENLAW  TOWN :  Vivienne S. Dunstan relates the following:
"Greenlaw is a town located within the Wauchope forest in the center of Berwick County (Berwickshire ), Borders, Scotland.  It is a borough of baroney held in feu (a relationship of lord to vassals) from the Earl of Marchmont, who is superior."
While these websites do not have much information directly related to the Greenlaws in the Pacific Northwest, they do contain information that adds to the flavor of the family history.
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The page background tartan was obtained from Tartans of Scotland and is one of three tartans associated with the Clan Home or Hume of which Greenlaw is a recognized sept.  Additional information on Scottish Tartans  can be found at the Tartans of Scotland  website.

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