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Gerret Kuper

Information provided by David Allen Navorska:
Gerret Kuper

Source: 1900 Lincoln Co., SD census for name, mm/yy of birth.

SSDI: "GEORGE KUPER Res 98466 Tacoma, Pierce, WA b. 2 Jun 1899 d. Feb
1988 Iss: WA (1962)"
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Philip Hansilman

Birth, Place of Birth and Occupation Information: 1860 Census Washington Territory, Pierce page 55 ( - 7 of 31) Date: 24 July 1860
Age 40 Place of Birth: Germany Occupation: Joiner

Birth, Place of Birth and Occupation Information: 1870 Census Washington Territory, Pierce page 17 ( - 33 of 40 ) Date: 10 August 1870
Age: 38 Place of Birth: Germany Occupation: Farmer

Birth, Place of Birth and Occupation Information: 1880 Census Washington Territory, Pierce page 12 ( - 12 of 44 ) Date: 21 and 22 June 1880
Age: 49 Place of Birth: Holland Occupation: Butcher

Daisy Hanselman

Verona Hanselman maybe Daisy Hanselman, daughter of Phillip and Louise Hanselman.

Daisy Meyer

For the 1880 Federal Census Dora Meyer (born:1879, Washington Territory) was living in the Frederick Meyer's Family.

William Greigg

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William Gregg

In the early 1850's came a soldier to help protect the early settlers. His name was William Gregg. He came and stayed as he was no doubt charmed by the countryside. There were vast acres for settling and all free. He decided to homestead on land that was along Muck Creek. It extended from the marsh which lies in Section 33 down to the creek, taking a choice area of creek bottomland. Later he took as a pre-emption claim some 320 acres of Section 28 lying directly north of his original home. I should say a "soldier pre-emption claim" to describe it correctly.

After deciding to locate and start life anew, he took for a wife a Nisqually Indian maid. She was known in later years affectionately as "Grandma Betsy". He built a log cabin in Hughes Lake now renamed on the Fort Lewis map as Halverson Marsh. Mr. Gregg's section of the land was close to the east line of Section 33, TWP 18 2 East. This cabin must have been built in the early 1850's as by 1896 it had fallen down to where the roof had gone. Still the door opening showed and the logs were 6 feet high. The ruins were there until about 1915, probably destroyed by fire in the interim. He had built a larger house on the site nearer the Pierce County road leading from Roy to Fort Nisqually. No doubt but this was the original road leading from Fort Vancouver to Fort Nisqually. He had planted a nice orchard and cultivated many acres.

Two daughters were born to them, Letitia and Alice. Undoubtedly he had many cattle roaming the vast prairies west and south to the Nisqually River. Even as late as 1906 cattle were rounded up in late fall to feed on hay.

Mr. Gregg was an educated and he built a small log school of small dimensions and taught the neighbor children. Later Miss Anna Wellar taught the same school, about 1872, boarding with the Frank Goodwin family about two miles away..

Grandma Betsy became very learned in helping care for the farm, knowing how to cure meat, smoke hams and bacon and seeing to the crops. She was very busy to her last days. After Mr. Gregg died, the farm was taken over by the daughter, Letitia Spence.

Mr. Gregg had, no doubt, known that death follows life, and that the secret is kept a mystery from us until we approach a tide less sea. No provisions were made for a common meeting ground where we could all rest. Many of the pioneers kept their loved ones on their own premises, even in close proximity to their abodes, even close or near to the front entrance. In the early 1870's no public cemetery was nearer than the one on the north side of American Lake. It was left to Mr. Gregg to furnish a site for a small cemetery. He chose the little timbered hill located on the center of Section 28, TWP 18, 2 East. It is hidden from the main road, leading past the east side of the timbered hill. The approach to the site is from the west, where the slope rises slowly to the east. It enters a wooden area of small oaks and other shrubbery to form a very picturesque setting where silence, solitude and peace abound. All this forms a natural setting for the purpose for which it was chosen.

Here many families are resting, all were friends of the owner,. Until 1885, there was no other cemetery close at hand. Today it is almost forgotten, the descendants are many generations removed from lying there and no one seems able to care for this sacred spot.

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Marge Narcissus Hartwig

Database: Washington Death Index, 1940-1996 July 25, 2005 4:26 AM
Personal Information

Name: Marge N Hartwig
Place of Death: Seattle
Date of Death: 28 Oct 1982
Residence: Seattle
Age: 83 years
Gender: F
SSN: 536-12-3137
Certificate: 026643

Source Information: Washington Death Index, 1940-96 [database online]. Provo, UT:, 2002. Original data: Index created by: Washington State Department of Health. Microfilmed copy of index obtained from: Washington State Archives.

Database: Social Security Death Index July 25, 2005 4:29 AM


Name Birth Date Death Date Last Residence

Marge Hartwig 28 Oct 1899 Oct 1982 Seattle, King, Washington

Source Information:
Social Security Administration. Social Security Death Index, Master File. Provo, Utah:, Inc.