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Packing Up and Moving Lock, Stock and Barrel

Often, I wondered if the story about Amos Greenlaw bringing an entire saw-mill on his ship around Cape Horn was totally true or just a good story. 

     Recently, I was surfing the Internet looking for more information about the people of Maine and New Brunswick in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.
Drawing of St. Andrews,  New Brunswick  found on "new-brunswick.net"
    In 1783, United Empire Loyalists ( Tories ) packed up their belongings including entire houses, disassembling the roofs, walls, windows, floors and doors; placed them on ships and left the victorious New England colonies to settle in the British territory of New Brunswick. Well over 60 houses came to St. Andrews in this manner.  Within a year the town had at least ninety houses and according to the website,  many of those early houses remain today. 

     Following such a tradition, it isn't so far-a-field to believe the stories about Amos and his adventures to establish himself in the Pacific Northwest.

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