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Death of John B. Jones

     "John B. Jones, for 44 years a resident of Ellensburg, died at his home north of this city Friday afternoon.  Mr. Jones was 88 years of age and was born in 1833 in Kentucky.  He was the grandson of Daniel Boone, the greater Kentucky hunter and frontiersman.

     Mr. Jones came to California in 1863 and came from that state to Ellensburg in 1877.  He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Alice Jones, and four daughters, Mrs. Bernard Hanson of Puyallup, Mrs.  Aniver, Mrs. Henry Washburn, Mrs. Harry Needham of Ellensburg, and two sons, Walter Jones of Ellensburg and John Jones of Portland.

     Funeral services were held Monday at the Episcopal church, Rev. Oberholtzer of Tacoma officiating."


The obituary was retyped.  This obituary was printed in the Ellensburg Capital Newspaper, August 4, 1921.  A copy was obtained from the Ellensburg Public Library's Local History Collection.

Note:  Oral family history says that John Boone Jones was the great-grandson of Daniel Boone.  His mother's name may have been Nancy Boone.  Daniel Boone's youngest son, Nathan,  had a daughter, Nancy.  She died young, sometime in the early 1830's.  The records for John Boone Jones' birth and his early childhood are being sought.  John's daughter, Narcissus (Jones) Stonebraker, reported that the family's records were lost after a massacre.


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