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When I was very young, my mother and I would often visit my Grandpa Greenlaw in Tacoma, Washington.  While I was there, it seems that each time I would go into the very back room, a sort of enclosed porch.  There, I would find two very old paintings of Greenlaw men.  They were posing in fancy silk suits and powdered wigs. 

As I remember, Grandpa told me that these two men were his grandfather and great grandfather.  I think he told me that they were both sea captains like his father had been.  Since I was very young, I may have gotten the story mixed up, but I remember feeling very proud that I could see such important looking men and know that I was related to them.

Its been over four decades since I last saw those paintings.  I don't know what happened to them, but I still remember them like it was just yesterday.  I think that is why I have started these webpages.  Future Greenlaw, Hanson, Kuper and Thadens will be able to visit their ancestors by simply getting on the world wide web.  They will know who they are and from where they came.
GREENLAW  FAMILY: Who we are and from where did we come?
Greenlaw Name
According to Fran Bennett, " The literal translation of the surname is grassy hill."

The Greenlaw family name has a long and colorful history.  Officially, Greenlaw is a sept of the Clan Home or Hume.   Its roots are based in Borders, Scotland.

James Taylor wrote in 1887 that "Patrick, the second son of the third Earl of Dunbar, inherited from his father the manner of Greenlaw...  The armorial bearing of his ancestors, the Earls of Dunbar, which were a white lion on a red field, were assumed by him on a green field for a difference, referring to his paternal estate of Greenlaw."
Based on the published account by James Taylor in 1887, the Greenlaw banner may have looked like this.
This page's background tartan was obtained from Tartans of Scotland and is one of three tartans associated with the Clan Home or Hume.  Additional information on Scottish Tartans  can be found at the Tartans of Scotland  website.
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