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August 28, 1808 -  January 20, 1884
Mary Bartlett was born on August 28, 1808 in Bartlett Mills, Charlotte County, New Brunswick.  She was the daughter of Leonard Bartlett, born August 18, 1779 in Whitefield, Lincoln County, Maine, and Anna Jewett, born December 1782 in Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts.  Mary was a 3rd cousin 3 times removed of  Josiah Bartlett, a signer of the Declaration of Independence. Their common ancestors are Richard Bartlett and Johan.

Mary wed Isaac Case Greenlaw on February 21, 1827 in St. Andrews, Charlotte County, New Brunswick.  They would live around Charlotte and King Counties and would finally settle just outside of St. Andrews in Bayside.  They had eleven children.  Two of their children, Amos and Isaac, Jr. would leave New Brunswick and settle on the west coast of the United States, Amos in Washington and Isaac, Jr. in California.

Isaac died on October 25, 1868 in Bayside, Charlotte County, New Brunswick.  Mary continued to live in Bayside until her death on January 20, 1884.
Children of Isaac and Mary:
  1.  Moses Jewett Greenlaw         August 12, 1827 - 
  2.  Leonard Bartlett Greenlaw     August   5, 1829 -
  3.  Jessie Cooper Greenlaw    September 15, 1831 -
  4.  Joel Greenlaw                           May   3, 1833 -
  5.  Jeremiah Greenlaw                January  8, 1836 -
  6.  Amos Greenlaw                    June 26, 1837 -  December 29, 1895
  7.  William Greenlaw                     April 19, 1839 -
  8.  Mary Elizabeth Greenlaw           July   6, 1840 - 
  9.  Isaac Case Greenlaw, Jr.    September   8, 1844 -  December 19, 1919
10.  Lozinia E.  Greenlaw         September   8, 1846 -     
11.  Lustrous Greenlaw                     July 17, 1851 -

The tenth child, Lozinia, also appears in some records as Roseanna Greenlaw, born 1847.  It is unknown at this time which name is correct.  8 Sept 2000.
The information on this page was taken from WorldConnect Project, Loyalist Descendants of New Brunswick and Maine

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