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LOREN THOMAS GREENLAW:  Farmer, Saw Mill  Foreman, Outdoorsman, Proud Father, Grandfather  and Great-grandfather
May 8, 1888  -  December 22, 1959    

Loren Thomas Greenlaw was born in Spanaway, Pierce county, Washington on May 8, 1888, the son of Amos Greenlaw, a native of Maine/New Brunswick, Canada  and Wilhelmina Mary Meyer, a native of Pierce county.  He grew up on the Greenlaw family farm in Spanaway and attended Clover Creek school.  Loren became very familiar with all phases of the timber and lumber industries.   He was a supervisor at the Cascade Timber operations near Frederickson, Pierce, Washington.  Like his father before him, Loren became a well-respected member of his community.


Loren and Anna Marie Kuper were married December 27, 1911 and they had five children:  Alfred  Lawrence, Vernon  Wesley, Evelyn Christine, Lorraine, and Lucille Irene also known as Babe. 

In 1923, Loren and Anna bought the Greenlaw farm from his brothers and sisters and raised their family there for many years.  Because of the Great Depression, they  were forced to sell their land and move off their farm. ( The farm land is now owned by Boeing. )

On December 2, 1941, their second son Vernon ( Bud ) was killed in a logging truck accident near the Roy cutoff, while on his way to a "going away" party.  Vernon had joined  the Navy and was scheduled to leave on December 7,  1941.  Anna was injured in the accident and suffered great pain the rest of her life.   

In the 1950's, they were living near downtown Tacoma at 3017 East E Street.   Anna died in her sleep from a cerebral hemorrhage, on  the morning of July 20, 1952.  She was buried in  Sumner Cemetery.   

Within a few years, Loren would be forced to move from East E Street, Tacoma to make way for the new Interstate Freeway ( I-5 ) and he would end up back in Frederickson near his eldest son, Alfred.  Eventually his health would fail and he died of complications from pneumonia on  December 22, 1959.  He was buried next to Anna in  Sumner Cemetery.
Published Account of Loren Greenlaw and the Greenlaw and Kuper Families
Like his father before him, Loren was a well-respected member of his community.  A copy of the  published account concerning Loren and his family was found by Stan and Phyllis Greenlaw.  This information appears to be from a text published in the 1930's by the Steilacoom Historical Society.  This information has not been confirmed.

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